March 27, 2017 David Grandison Jr

Nixson Watches Showroom Soho Offers Bespoke Style

The Nixson brand is focused on making the little things in life, like watches, a bit better. I’m a watch geek and guess that’s why I own several of them. They offer a great looking and durable watch that I can wear everyday without fear of destroying it, even when I’m skiing or participating in other action sports.

We took some test 360 degree shots the Nixson flagship store in Soho where they showcase their watch customization service. It’s a bespoke service that is only offered in 2 Nixson stores in the world and Nixon Soho is host to the US location. This service allows you to create a totally custom version of your watch using any leather band or stainless steel bracelet they offer. I’m in and I can’t wait to get one made…They are driven to create products that reflect their unique point of view, heritage, and style, and they don’t stop until they get it right.